January 23, 2011

Let It Be

As I've mentioned before, one of the career goals Alex has is to be a rock star. Alex has it all planned, she will be Justin Bieber's side kick and start a new band with him. She has spent hours journaling about the songs the band will play, created tons of lyrics and even chosen the instruments this new band will play.

I do not know too much more about this, as Alex keeps all her notes hidden from me; she knows if she does not it will show up on the blog. I hope when Justin Bieber contacts her to finalize contracts she will let me participate.

Every year at the WindWalkers benefit Alex is asked (or should I say - she demands?) to play her guitar and sing with the band. She chooses a few songs she likes, the band looks over, and tells her which songs to practice. This year the agreement was "Let It Be", by the Beatles. Funny how this simple praise "let it be" means so much to me, yet it is something I can not do when Alex's future is at stake.

Alex  practices all the time, but knows no chords, only lots and lots of lyrics. She will google the lyrics, print out and memorize. Alex has had only a few guitar lessons, we stopped when we realized she had no interest in learning from the teacher, but just like spending time with him. He was gracious enough to share this with us, and save us the expense - thanks to Tommy P. Her voice is magic to me, and I love her facial expressions.

The Event was a big success, and my extraordinary girl shone. I wish this could be her life all the time, but it is not. Yes, "Let It Be" is a good lesson.We will persevere!


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