November 4, 2010

Such a great idea!!!

For those of you who have not read Tiffany's new blog,check it out. Tiffany writes Sticky Elephants about her daughter Elise who is 8 and has down syndrome But Tiffany also wanted to reach out to the community and provide the perspectives of others, their frustrations and their successes, thus  Just a Little Bit Downsy was born!

Tiffany has devoted the month of November to asking others to share their experiences. In Tiffany's words:

I want to have as MANY of you on as possible!!! If you are AT ALL interested in a Guest Blogger spot, please contact me at underwater9800 at gmail dot com! I want this month's theme to be "Thankful That We Are Not Alone". So if this blog applies to you as a parent or sibling of someone with special needs or any kind of disabilities (including gifted as per my blog #18 Smarts) or you yourself struggled or continue to struggle with something or you love someone with something that gives you a unique perspective...I would like nothing better than to load this month up with a strong community resource! It does not have to be long or profound, you can recycle something that you have written before. You don't even need to have an "official" diagnosis, you can be in process of testing and determination, you can have a brand shiney new diagnosis, you can have one a million years old...anything is fair game. I am just wanting to open more doors to community and sharing.

To me, this is what we are all about; a community of families who support each other, share knowledge, help to get us through the rough stuff, and celebrate the good stuff. Yet another example of the magic that down syndrome has brought to our lives.

Thank you, Tiffany!

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  1. Love it- doing that! Yeah- community! How are you all doing out there Alex and her Mom?


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