October 21, 2010

Awesome Updates

In my quest to finish the entries about the 10 verbs, I neglected to share a number of great things that have happened in the last three weeks. Good news is always the best kind of news and we have had an abundance of this lately.

Very simply, and in this order:

• Alex went on a first date
• Alex won a blue ribbon at the Regional Bowling Competition with scores of 104 and 107
• Alex had her first kiss
• Alex has a boyfriend – well sort-of
• Alex is in both the school plays
• Alex has been in the best of moods because……Her father has come home!!!!

Detail to follow soon.

Oh, there is also some bad news, like no jobs for John and me, and continuing lack of communication from the schools. But since my husband has returned life has become easier and happier. Who am I to complain? We are going to celebrate!!


  1. Congratulations! You are blessed!

  2. Wow- lots of great news! Are you anxious about the dating scene? Oh, sometimes it's easier being poor and together but I sure hope there is something on the horizon for you guys!

  3. I am scared to death about the dating scene...I can not figure out how much supervision is needed...crazy - felt that way for Courteny too!Thanks for the thoughts...

  4. Oh, he does sound like a great man.

    (The Dad, and the boyfriend too).

    Alex's bowling scores are creditable.

    I am trying to find Becky Page's page for you. It has good ideas about the dating scene.

    Becky'sNext Page: read the bit about the boyfriends

  5. oh boy I can not wait to read about the new man in Alex's life


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