August 23, 2010

It's time to start writing again!

Okay I admit it – I have missed writing about Alex. I miss the comments I received from other Moms, Dads and readers. I miss looking back at my work and reliving our triumphs and challenges.

So as I mentioned before, I will continue to write, perhaps not as much, but as honestly as I can. I will share frustrations and successes, and as always I will recount our truths in the hope that our story can help others with young children with down syndrome.

Alex had a great 16th year of her life. She excelled at sports, competed in the National Special Olympic Games and had a great summer. One of our highlights was attending Ranch Camp at Down Home Ranch in Elgin, TX. Alex was a camper and I volunteered (as getting back and forth to Texas from rural CO is not so easy). This amazing camp is for children with disabilities, and in this arena all kids are equal; Alex loved it. I will write about this experience in the near future, it really is quite rewarding to see your child interact with children with similar abilities; it instilled confidence and assurance in Alex.

School was not so good. We struggled with communications and appropriate levels of education. However, when I look back on this year I will try to remember all the successes. We created a team and forged an alliance with the School District. However, junior year has started and I have the feeling I am back at the drawing board. I guess it is time for the b**** to return, not my favorite personality but sometimes necessary.

If you are so inclined, I have published the first year of our blog; Alex’s 16th year of her life as an e-blog. Feel free to download and read, or start at the beginning of this blog. I appreciate your support in reading about Alex, as well as our challenges and triumphs through these past 16 years.

More to come…………..

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