July 18, 2010

On the road to Lincoln

The GPS says we are 230 miles from Lincoln, but that’s OK this morning it was over 450 miles, we are making progress in our packed to the brim car.

We arrived at our hotel room last night by 10:00. We were met by one of the coaches who had Alex’s Team Colorado luggage and apparel. The five of us oohed and awed over the clothing; Alex received new shoes, track suits, polo shirts, warm up suits, hats etc... It was almost like Christmas for her. She was so excited and I think the immensity of this honor is beginning to sink in.

As an aside we were asked to raise money to help support the team. We were able to raise twice the requested amount. A huge thanks to all of our friends and family who responded to my plea. As they say “we could not have done this without you”. For an added benefit, Alex will have a new wardrobe she can proudly wear all through her junior year of high school.

The room had two queen beds; Alex and I shared, as did John and Tom. Courtney drew the floor. Alex insisted on hugging me for the first ten minutes we were in bed. She could not wipe the smile off her face, she was so excited. Alex told me she loved me over and over again, I told her how proud I was of her. I feel asleep happier than I have felt in a long time.

Team Colorado met at 7:00 at the Denver Office; we were able to send Alex over in the van from the hotel. We met the group about an hour later and they were anxious to depart. It is hard to describe the feeling of pride tempered with melancholy when I saw Alex wave good bye to us from the window of the huge “ramblin express” bus. Lucky for my family my tears were contained, but I make no promises when I see my sweet daughter march with Team Colorado in the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow.

We have passed the Team Colorado bus; but I believe it is now ahead of us after our gas stop, our stop at the original Pony Express Station in Gothenburg, NE and the mandatory potato bites at Arby’s.

Just the thought of my little baby travelling independently and spending a week away from us makes me happy and sad. Yes, this is what I have always wished for Alex; independence and fulfillment, but I am not sure I was ready for this so soon. Fortunately for me, it is only temporary; but a taste for her of the freedom she can have if she tries hard to succeed.

A taste too for me; a life for Alex away from us, something we have dreamed of since her birth. I have high hopes for Alex and her future.

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  1. So exciting for her... and you! A time of growing for both of you! :)


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