June 29, 2010

A is for Artist

Picasso has arrived at our house again in the form of ten new masterpieces. All mediums are represented; water color, paper mache, clay, rubber stamps, and colorful collages. For an entire five days Alex celebrated her inner artist at the Challenge Aspen Art Camp.

This was Alex’s fourth year at the camp. Alex loves Challenge Aspen and all the activities this not for profit puts on all year round. Art Camp runs for a week and involves art projects in the morning and outdoor activities in the afternoons. I’m not sure which Alex likes best; the art projects or the rafting, swimming or riding. My guess, they all combine to make her week fun and fulfilling.

Art Camp concludes with an art show on Friday afternoon. The kids set up all their projects and the parents come to ooh and aah. I was unable to attend this year, so John went. Lucky for me Alex has promised to set-up her artwork at home so I can have my own show. So far this has not happened, and I am not reminding her. There is just so much artwork a mother can praise. However, I have not given up hope.

Part of me would be okay if the bag full of her new masterpieces disappears into the black hole, but I know this will not happen. Alex’s closet is full of bags of artwork. She likes to keep everything she has ever made. I often ask Alex to clean out her closet, but I am met with tears and pleas to keep everything. Some battles I will wait to fight!

Next up in Alex’s summer schedule is Ranch Camp at WindWalkers. The few days of leaving Alex at home to graze at will are over. I finished my job on Wednesday. To quote Alex “yeah me!” So between Alex’s schedule and my ability to watch her eating, we will lose a few pounds in time for the National Games! One can only hope….

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  1. Art Camp sounds like fun! What a great idea having an art show the final day!


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