April 23, 2010


Once again my sweet daughter had an interesting reaction to a pivotal event in her life; she got sick.

We have always noticed, and I previously recounted, Alex’s deep mind/body connection. Alex feels events in her life at a different level than me or the rest of my family. When we had death in our family she was inconsolable; with happy events she goes into over drive followed by heavy fatigue. We experienced the latter this past week.

For the rest of us, we allow the commotion of our environment to dilute our senses. I have not yet figured out if this is good or bad; leaning towards bad. Alex does not seem to have that distraction ability; she focuses on the single event in her life, processes it and moves on. In this case it was the Special Olympics Training weekend.

Prior to departing for the first Team Colorado meeting Alex had bad behaviors at school; we worked through this and attended the weekend training event. Alex’s nervousness was alleviated, and she worked hard with her team. However, on our return, this week has had a different outcome.

Alex was fine at school on Monday, but by Tuesday her teacher called to say Alex looked flushed, felt warm and was tired. She stayed at school, but was unable to go to her afternoon classes, or soccer practice. Wednesday and Thursday were more of the same. Today, Friday, Alex seems better, but a new focus has entered her path; she has to go to soccer practice today if she wants to play in the game tomorrow. I love the power of sports for Alex!

I believe Alex’s weekend with her team was so adrenaline filled she collapsed when she had time to come down from her high. Her mind’s exhaustion created a tired body that needed rest. She went to bed early every night, listened to music and fell asleep.

The Disney channel got a rest in our house; as did the colored paper, markers and tape. Alex was too tired to watch TV, work on craft projects or even overeat. In a weird sense, this was a good week; it was peaceful yet full.

So, again I wonder, am I missing one of the greatest lessons in my life by dismissing Alex’s reaction to her world? Should I stop and listen to my body also? Is it so important for me to accomplish twenty tasks in one day, or should I just focus on the task at hand? I think I know the answer; we should all stop and smell the roses.

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