April 4, 2010


When Alex was little we used to have an annual Easter egg hunt with the neighborhood kids. It was one of the highlights of the early years with our children. We were known as the Easter egg hunt family.

Alex was always the most enthusiastic egg gatherer, and was given her own egg area, away from the other frantic kids. It was a given that the other kids would not front run Alex; one of the early lessons our neighborhood friends learned about sharing and caring. This is a lesson these teenagers still practice. I know this because their parents are proud to share this with me.

We have moved away from that wonderful neighborhood, and the kids have all grown-up. We do not have an annual Easter egg hunt anymore. Alex however, still loves and celebrates Easter, just like she did when she was a little girl. The magic of  holidays is always with Alex. She makes celebrations fun and exciting.

Last December, I shared Alex’s belief in Santa Claus. I have since learned, Alex does realize she gets present from her parents, but the magic of Santa Claus lives in her heart. This seems to be also true of the Easter bunny.

John and I were already up this morning when Alex stormed into the kitchen demanding we get Courtney and Tom up immediately. She was convinced the Easter bunny had left a basket for her and her siblings, hidden somewhere in the house. Does the Easter bunny still come to a house with a 14, 16 and 18 year old?

Yes, is the answer. Fortunately, I had remembered at the last minute, to get a few things from the grocery store. But, packaging the jelly beans, chocolate rabbits, silly putty and flarp noise maker (mature I know) had not fit into my schedule yet. I was able to sneak out of the kitchen to make sure Alex’s Easter was not disappointing. Then we woke up the other kids.

I love the sheer joy of Alex. As she found her basket (aka bag) with minimal candy, and stupid gifts, she smiled her biggest smile. She laughed with glee, and thanked me profusely. She also thanked the Easter bunny, so once again, I believe she knows I provide the gift, but the magic of the Easter bunny lives in her heart.

For such little work, I get such a great reward. This is the ordinary life we lead with this extraordinary girl. We have magic in our lives, love and joy. Not every day, but certainly the majority of the time.

Another Easter bunny, another year….just wondering if Alex will still be expecting the Easter bunny when she is 50 and I am 86. Just wondering…

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