April 8, 2010

Black and pink

The good news; Alex never noticed I threw the old, gross, fake, blue crocs away. She loves the beautiful, slightly feminine, fake, pink crocs she got for Christmas. The bad news; she only wears one at a time and matches it with a black running shoe. New fashion statement? I think not.

Sometimes I just cannot understand were Alex is coming from. I know there is a reason for this new trend, but it certainly is not in vogue in our local high school. I do not believe that extra chromosome can affect taste, but maybe she has started a trend. I think not.

Personally, I always wear matched shoes (unless it is really dark when I get dressed) and would never dream of combining a closed and open heeled shoe in the same outfit. She certainly did not get her sense of style from me. Her Dad – a different story….

Truthfully, I do not have enough time to go back into her daily routine to the day this fashion faux pas first appeared. Sometimes I just throw up my arms, acknowledge she is different than me and go on. I have given up all parental responsibilities related to Alex’s dressing standards and asked the school counselor to intervene. I know she will have more luck than me in uncovering the mystery of Alex’s new sense of foot style.

When I approached the school counselor about working on appropriate dress codes and feminine style, she was very receptive, and not surprised. Our very astute counselor had been concerned that the week out of school for spring break was a week lost in reinforcing dress and hygiene topics. These particular goals had been high on the counselors list of issues, and I feel there had been some progress made.

I’d say she was absolutely correct. It seems Alex has taken two steps backwards, one in a fake, pink croc and one in a black running shoe. I know the counselor will work with Alex and these steps will be recaptured, hopefully in matching shoes. Reinforcement is one of the keys to educating Alex and helping her learn. We lost momentum during the spring break.

I relate this story to share we do have day to day challenges. I recognize until we get to the root of this shoe attire problem we will meet with resistance. But I do know, Alex will gradually give up one of the shoes and wear the other’s mate, but it may not happen for a few days, or weeks. We will get her back on path, or should I say the footpath. This shoe episode will become a distant memory, just like so many other aberrations in her extraordinary life.

In the big picture, Alex is growing and thriving, but not without her own ideas of life. I know she will always grow and learn, and does need to exert her independence. If she wants to wear a pink top with black sweats I do not care. But a pink fake croc and a black running shoe, I think not.


  1. You know... the bracelets I wear on each wrist are different, as are the rings on my fingers... why not two different shoes? How interesting that Alex likes it that way. Maybe she can't decide between pretty and sporty ;-)


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