March 5, 2010

What happened to "Moonlight Serenade"?

Sneaky, sneaky Alex. She has confiscated my favorite CD, Carly Simon’s “Moonlight Serenade”. It is nowhere to be found. I am not sure I can make it through the day without listening to my favorites, numbers, 2, 9 and 10.

Alex is not the only one who has definite music tastes in my car. I do too, specifically numbers 2, 9 and 10. We constantly battle over her radio station and my favorite CD. Granted, she might be a bit sick of listening to the same three songs over and over again, but I am not. Who is the boss anyway? I want to listen to 2, 9 and 10!

Even though we are working on our conversational skills in the car, particularly related to driving, we still need music at some point. I want 2, 9 and 10, Alex wants 100.5; a real dilemma. One might think we actually argue. Imagine a grown woman arguing with her 16 year old daughter with down syndrome over music, my mother would be mortified.

When Alex gets in the car after soccer practice we always negotiate. I want to listen to 2, 9 and 10, over and over again, Alex wants to listen to 100.5, and sing. She does not sing to 2, 9 and 10, thankfully! This happens every single day.

I can usually strike a “one more” song bargain. This has kept an uneasy peace in the car. But no more….this morning when I got in my car and happily hit the CD player, I was greeted with loud rock music. The Carly Simon CD has been replaced; I did not have 2, 9 and 10 to greet me on my work day. Not sure how I made it through the day, let’s just say I did.

I know Alex took my CD, replaced it with completely unsatisfactory music, then hid my 2, 9 and 10 CD . What am I going to do? I want 2, 9 and 10 immediately! That sneaky, sneaky girl.

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