March 16, 2010

Lincoln 2010 - Update 3

 The month of March is flying by. The weather is changing or should I say, trying to change. I finally feel the National Games are getting closer and will become a reality.

Alex will start track and field practice in a few days, and begin to seriously get in shape for the Lincoln competition. We are working on housing, and our extended family is beginning to make travel arrangements. Lincoln here we come!

I do realize we are still 120 days and 13 ½ hours from estimated time of departure, but this does not curb my enthusiasm. Therefore, to keep my excitement level elevated, I periodically check the National Special Olympics website for updates and information.

I am curious as to the entertainment for the opening and closing ceremonies. To me, these ceremonies are shrouded in secret; I am on tenterhooks about the promised performances. Any of the actors and/or actresses from the Disney channel would work for Alex. But as of now, there is no information.

As I mentioned before, I read the athletes be will flown to Lincoln in private jets from across the country. Recently I discovered the following information, encouraging my anticipation, about the Citation Special Olympics Airlift.

2010 CSOA Facts

  •  2010 is the second Special Olympics National Games to be held in United States.
  • This will be the sixth Citation Special Olympics Airlift coordinated by Cessna Aircraft Company.
  • Primary airport will be Lincoln Municipal (LNK) with a runway length of 12,900 feet.
  • Games will be held at University of Nebraska Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • More than 325 Citations are needed to transport 2,000 athletes.
  • Passengers onboard Citations will vary between three and seven athletes plus a coach or sponsor.
  • Citation will touch down every 60-90 seconds over a 15-hour period.
  • Trip times will range from 1.5 to 3.0 hours.
  • Citations will deliver athletes on Saturday, July 17, 2010.
  • Citations will return athletes on Saturday, July 24, 2010.
Needless to say, Alex will jump at the chance to take one of these aircrafts. She will have no qualms about leaving her family to drive the nine hours to Lincoln. She will happily wave good-bye, perhaps give me a big hug and fly away all by herself. I will be the nervous wreck that comes with the mom job.

We absolutely do not care how Alex does in the competition. We want Alex to eat, sleep and compete with other athletes who are challenged. We hope for Alex to gain confidence and independence. We wish for Alex to make friends and feel the passion of competing as part of a team.

I yearn for Alex to acquire the thirst for independence my other children have. I want Alex to know that she can be in control of herself; she is in charge of her destiny. I believe Alex is almost there, but with one more push, and one more life experience, she will cross the edge. I assume and presume, the experience in Lincoln will be this life changing event for Alex

This is my wish for Lincoln, NE and for my sweet daughter; the dream of a bright and independent future. As I say; hope for the best and adjust as needed.

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