February 14, 2010

To all my valentines

I know Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday. A day for the card, candy and flower vendors, restaurants prosper, and there is much hoopla. If I don’t do something for John and the kids, I feel ungrateful and insensitive.

Still,  honoring our loved ones is an important thing, and I try to do my best. This is a lot of pressure (self-imposed of course) for a full time working Mom with three kids, one with special needs. I think I should talk to the card, flower and candy companies about a day for Mom’s with children with special needs, in addition to Mother’s Day.

I digress. Valentine's Day was always a fun family holiday when I was growing up. My mother made a nice dinner, and bought us boxes of valentine’s candy. She still sends candy to us every year. (Mom, you don’t need to do this anymore). My father would get cards on his lunch break; they were always funny but loving. I try to honor this tradition, minus the candy!

My dad was my first valentine. Like many oldest daughters I had a special bond with my father. To me he was invincible; the hero in my world. He worked hard for his family and was proud of all of us. He was bright, charming and had a great sense of humor. Everyone liked to be around him.

My father loved to sing, there are many a Broadway tune that still run around my head. One of his favorites was “A you’re adorable". My siblings and I heard this song a lot growing up. It is my Dad song; the one that can bring tears to me eyes; it reminds me of how much I miss him. When Alex was born he sang it to her often. It is also available as a children's book, which I gave to my dad for Alex's first Christmas.

According to answers.com this song was written by Buddy Kaye; Sidney Lippman; Fred Wise, and originally performed by Perry Como with the Fontane Sisters. The lyrics are as follows:

A you're adorable
B you're so beautiful
C you're a cutie full of charms
D you’re a darling, and
E you're exciting
F you're a feather in my arms
G you look good to me
H you're so heavenly
I you're the one I idolize
J we're like Jack and Jill
K you're so kissable
L is the love light in your eyes
M, N, O, P, I could go on all day
Q ,R, S, T, alphabetically speaking, you're OK
U made my life complete
V means you're very sweet
W, X, Y, Z
Its fun to wander through
The alphabet with you
To tell you what you mean to me

So to steal from a great song:

John, I you’re the one I idolize. This needs no further elaboration!

Mom, my siblings, and your families,  J we’re like Jack and Jill. We are all part of the same team, always caring and helping each other. I can't imagine what it would be like to not have you all around.

Courtney and Tom, A your adorable and B you’re so beautiful. When I look at you both my heart melts, you are two of the most beautiful people I know. I am so proud of you.

And to Alex, U made my life complete. I can not even describe what I have learned from you. You have taught me compassion, caring, sensitivity, and patience.  I could wander through the alphabet with you, and tell you what you mean to me, but it would even begin to describe what you have brought to my life.

Happy Valentines’ Day!!

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