February 1, 2010

Reflections - Aunt Susan

My sister Susan is four years younger than me, and the middle of five children. Susan and I were just far apart in age that we led different lives while growing up. It was not until adulthood that I feel I really got to know Susan. She is kind, caring and nurturing – someone I am lucky to have as my sister.

Susan has 22 year old twins, Ben and Kelsey, making them the oldest of my Mother’s grandkids. They are great kids, Sue is a great mother, and as you will read, a wonderful aunt. My kids adore her.

Here is Aunt Susan's reflection.

I clearly remember the day you called after Alex was born and told us there were complications. I must admit now, although you probably knew it then, I had no idea what you were talking about.

I called Mom and listened as she cried, again, I was confused. I learned alot in the next couple of days. I remember a conversation with John from the hospital when Alex was only a couple of days old. He was frustrated because Alex was hooked up to many different machines. He wanted the Dr's to "allow the body to do what it is designed to do", which is heal and/or adapt to itself. That was the first lesson I've learned from Alex's birth.

Regardless of how things turn out, the birth of a child is still a miracle. Too many things can, and often do, go wrong. In my mind, in Alex we had a new member of our family, I honestly didn't care much when it was discovered that she had an extra chromosome. When you got home from the hospital, you and John asked for your privacy and we granted it. I understood that you needed to introduce yourself to Alex and then you would bring her home (New Jersey) to introduce us to her when you felt the time was right.

You sent us a book to read, and I started to read it. Honestly (I don't think I ever told you this) I never finished the book. I decided that I would let Alex teach me about herself. I would not trade the education I have received from her for anything! Alex is simply Alex. There is no jealousy or pretention. All she wants is the same thing the rest of us want, simply to be loved and accepted for who she is. Alex reminds us of the most important thing in our life, our family, biologic and extended. She loves, and is loved, by all of us.

Alex has made my life, and the life of my children, better simply because she has been a part of it. She has an insight, she can sense things that others can't see or feel, and she can respond. She lights up a room when she comes in. She reminds us that life can and should always be full of love and happiness. My lessons and memories are ingrained and they are forever. The endless days on the beach, in the sand with our father, will always remain close to my heart.

Thanks for making the decisions that you made by bringing her into the world. I can't imagine our life without her.

Thanks Sue - Alex would not be Alex without all the love and support from our family.

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