January 13, 2010

WindWalkers 2010

Our first WindWalkers board meeting of 2010 was held last night. As I am the President of the Board, I made the executive decision to have the meeting at our house. Sometimes I just love being president, sometimes I do not.

I love to see the Board and experience their dedication and passion – it brings out the best in all if us. I also love to watch Alex as she interacts with these dedicated professionals, the hugs and “I love yous” melt my heart.

Sadly, Alex is not able to ride this winter session at WindWalkers; she has skiing. She misses riding and the dedicated people that work in the program, as witnessed last night. The girl just can’t do everything she wants.

Therapeutic riding is so beneficial to children of all abilities. We always hear a heart warming story at our Board meetings. Yesterday’s story was of a young child who has been unable to communicate. Her family has been working on signing – which in our experience was very successful. Signing helps a young child who has delays processing and coordinating thoughts and sounds, to communicate.

This little girl has been learning signs but not been using them. Recently when she was riding she used her first sign – “more”. She wanted to stay on the horse and ride more; needless to say her mother and the instructor broke out in tears. She is now “off and running” with her signing – this simple breakthrough made the difference. Horses have the ability to work miracles with children – don't know why –I just know it happens.

January is the traditional budget approval meeting, and just like last year’s budget meeting it brought to reality our economy. Organizations such as WindWalkers rely so heavily on grants and donations – and although we got by last year – we barely got by. Despite the passion and caring of our Executive Director and staff it is so hard for the group to be hopeful when we anticipate another year of living on the edge. We do so much with so little.

Being the President of an organization during these times is particularly challenging. How do I provide the leadership to keep up the morale? How do I raise money? How do I make tough decisions? How? Why? What? and on and on....

Short of winning the lottery, which I do recognize probably won’t happen, we will persevere. WindWalkers will continue to provide services for children of all abilities, especially disabilities, and our dedicated staff and Board will continue to remain optimistic that we get through another year.  And, I will remain positive and true to my responsibilites as President of the Board of this incredible organization.

I believe we will do it; failure is not an option. If we got through 2009, 2010 should be a breeze. Right? Right!

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