January 26, 2010

Is this right?

29 to 5 was the score of the C team’s victorious last basketball game. One would expect that with a score that high all the players would get a chance to play, instead it was all the players except Alex.

Once again, my sweet daughter sat on the bench dressed and excited to play. I sat in the stands anticipating the excitement of the crowd when Alex takes the floor. This did not happen, instead I found myself explaining to the other parents that I did not know why Alex was not playing. I came very close to crying for the first time at basketball game. I am disappointed and angry.

To me, this is a travesty. How can Alex not play when the score is so lopsided? I argue, how she can not play at all, in any game? She has already been demoted to the C team – against my better wishes. I have taken this up with Coaches, the Athletic Director and the School Principal. Is returning phone calls or e-mails beyond their scope of responsibilities? Where is common courtesy, caring and inclusion in this equation? Where is fair play and compassion?

Today I write out of frustration – not support for the school or the school programs. The idea of cooperation and team work that I try so hard to practice is not working. I will need to do some serious soul searching over the weekend. This behavior cannot exist in my world and the world of my special daughter. Totally unacceptable!

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  1. I feel your frustration. This is totally unacceptable for Alex, for you, and for everyone else at the game! Your daughter should have been given the opportunity to shine. I hope that things change for the better at her school. We support you and Alex and we know she would have added so much spirit to the game. Keep us posted on how things are going on the basketball team.


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