November 7, 2009

Football season is over - Darn!

Two hours and 48 long minutes. That's how long I could have been outside in the freezing cold at the last football game of the Longhorn's season. Instead, four freezing games later, I figured I could park by the fence and still see the game - or at least the scoreboard. I could sit in my heated car and watch. It was such an epiphany, that I actually enjoyed the very warm and comfortable game. And they told me that Alex was the one with delays in our family!

I must admit the game was very exciting, or perhaps I was just warm. The Longhorns lost to the visiting Cowboys by a score of 37-36 after two overtime plays and trailing at half time, 21-0. I was sure the Cowboys would really rustle the Longhorns; instead they only got lightly roped. I just love these football teams' names. It was a hard fought battle, and the boys were proud.

Alex did not fetch the tees at all this game, but I really did not mind. Particularly, since I would have had to have gotten out of my heated car to witness. Alex is incredibly upset about Grandpa, and had been in and out of crying spells all afternoon. I was just happy she wanted to go to the game and participate. I was even a bit sad when she had to return her number 64 jersey at the end of the game. I quickly recovered.

Once again, and it seems so unfair to me, Alex has had a very sad and dramatic event in her life. She said to me the other day "first Lucy, now Grandpa, I hate my life”. I know Alex does not really mean this – but this is her view of the world, and I have to accept it, for now. Two of her favorite people (yes Lucy was a person to us) have left her. She will mourn them for a long time, as will all of us. I hope to learn from her and about her as we process these losses in our lives.

But, back to the other world, the day to day one. I recognize it will not be easy - but I'd like us to try and retain some semblance of normality as we miss grandpa. We will make adjustments and rest as needed, but we must also respect grandpa, he loved us all and would be angry if we mourned for too long.

I will focus on the good things. Football is over, I am not cold and we head to Chicago tomorrow. It promises to be a tough few days – but we will get through it. The kids are excited to see their friends, as am I. Alex cannot wait to see her best friend Sarah, and these are all good things.

Next up - basketball season. These games are indoors, warm and there are at least two a week. My cup runneth over!


  1. Hi Alex. My name is Sarah. It is nice to meet you.

  2. Hi Sarah, This is Alex's mom - thanks for the note. Are you on facebook? Alex is - so you could talk on there.


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