October 31, 2009

In pursuit of the I-pod touch - Update 2

I have been foiled again - another plan I so carefully crafted and implemented, but am unable to execute and control. I really do not like losing and especially to a smart alecky 16 year old.

I asked Alex to get on the scale yesterday, and we are now 17 pounds away from our goal of 128 - at 4'10" this is not so attractive. This means since the last weigh in Alex has gained 2 1/2 pounds. I still think 128 pounds is not the optimum weight - but it is certainly within fighting range - and much healthier than her current weight.

It is no wonder Alex weighs as much as she does. The other day Tom found about 10 granola bar wrappers as well as two Swiss rolls (the double ones) wrappers hidden in the creases of the chair Alex usually sits in - it was disgusting. She has been sneaking food again.

I can understand the granola bars - I buy them for snacks for the kids - but they only get one. Based on my last trip to the grocery store, Alex consumed these within the previous three days. The Swiss rolls really surprised me - as Courtney, Tom, and I have forged an unlikely alliance and hidden them. You see - I just love chocolate and since I do not pre consume three granola bars - I do think I should be able to have some chocolate once in a while - I guess that must be how Alex feels. However, that sneaky girl found our hiding place.

When I talked to Alex about it - she vowed not to have any "dessert" for the next two weeks. I admit this was my suggestion - but she agreed. We will see how long that lasts - the power of food is too much for her. I still struggle with this addiction of hers. I think she really does not recognize that she is full. I also believe that she does not really care if she is overweight and food is one of the things in her life over which she has any control. I really do not know what to do beyond nagging, bribing and hiding food.

I do know that when basketball season starts - November 12th - she will be running and sweating. She will not be able to eat after school everyday, and this should be an opportunity for her to lose some weight. This happened last year - and I have my fingers crossed - it will happen again. This current food path is going to end up causing serious medical issues if it is not redirected.

However, back to the I-pod touch. The price has gone down, and Alex has enough money saved to buy one without my contribution. She has not seen the ads yet in the paper - but as she scours the Sunday Best Buy inserts I expect this will soon be discovered. So my dilemma - she has not lost the weight she promised - but she has the money to buy the prize.

I am beginning to convince myself that Alex should get the I-pod touch for Christmas. She will love the music, as well as the other applications that are available. It will keep her occupied and away from the Disney channel. I also love all the technology available to our kids - they learn by it.

So my latest plan - or my original plan with adaptations (the life with Alex plan) is - if she begins to lose weight once basketball season starts Alex will get the I-pod touch for Christmas. Some might consider that caving in, like the rest of my family, I prefer to use the term adapting.

I fear I will not even be able to follow those rules - Alex wants an I-pod touch so much I may not be able to hold off. I do not and will not treat her differently than my other kids, but sometimes I know how hard she works and struggles that I become a marshmellow.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! I will......wait until Christmas

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